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A Seat at The Farmers' Table is an intimate dining experience that reconnects us to our food and our farmers.

When deciding what to eat for a meal, Scott and I don’t tend to think very far beyond ourselves. We ask each other what we feel like eating, what is convenient/easy, and how much we are willing to spend. But we are trying to change that.

To make better food choices for ourselves and our planet we should really be considering how our food is grown, where it is grown, who is growing it, how it gets from farm to our plate, what’s in season, etc etc.

Scott and I designed A Seat at The Farmers' Table with the hopes of getting people interested in asking some of these questions. Come join us in our happy place for a morning of herb harvesting, nasi ulam and chilli chukka making, and feasting with your friends and farmers.⁠

We start the session with an appetiser and some chit chat before going on a walk around the garden. While exploring, Scott talks endlessly about our love of local herbs and demonstrates how we fuss over our plants. Participants will help to harvest herbs and flowers that go into our lunch, after which we return to paradise (aka a shaded place) and the tedious meal prep begins — not to worry tho, as many hands make light work! Each participant will also get to mix their own chilli chukka to take home, which will keep for up to three months in the refrigerator and up to six months in the freezer. We end the session by eating the literal fruits of our labour, ie. lots of nasi ulam and a dessert.⁠⠀
6 - 8 seats per session, $95 for a seat. Private sessions available.⁠

Get in touch to chope A Seat at The Farmers' Table.

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