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Gather your friends and come end the week with us as we talk all things pandan and life! 

We start the session with a walk through the garden to harvest some ingredients. Then let your inner creative beast loose and paint the patio red (or green, or blue, or yellow. It's totally up to you!) as you roll your ah balling and listen to us jabber on about the wonders of natural food dyes. Finally, sit back and enjoy some of your colourful creations with your new best friends (because that's what ah balling does to people). Don't forget to take home your ah balling starter kit to share the love!


This workshop is perfect for those keen on starting a small yet productive kitchen garden or simply looking for a fun, hands-on activity to wind down the work week.
6 - 8 seats per session, $65 for a seat. Private sessions available.⁠

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